Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Virus Blues

My baby she left me, da da da da dum,
The dog just left too, da da da da dum,
But my laptop's infection, da da da da dum,
is what's making me blue.

So, if the virus is posing as antivirus software, how do you know who to trust? Luckily Malwarebytes seemed to mop it up, after opening in Safe Mode with Networking and updating it...enough of that.
Thanksgiving in DC was awesome - thanks Justin and Irina. Food was lush, company great too. Friday we went out for lunch in the IMF building in DC, which has a cool fountain to run under... Alix made it first time (one more than Daddy in Baltimore!) and then got a faceful. Haha.
Disclaimer: my baby didn't leave me and I don't have a dog. Poetic licence, dahling.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


After such a long break (is it really 3 weeks since the Eddens snr. left?), it is rather difficult to get back on the horse without some excuse for doing so. Since we have no exciting news, but want to get back on track, today seems a good day for doing it. Today is thanksgiving, which is almost everyone's favorite holiday. Unlike Christmas, which people agree is too materialistic but are divided over whether it is too religious or not religious enough, Thanksgiving celebrates the safe arrival of English travellers (and food glorious food). And everyone is agreed that those are good things. Like the pilgrim fathers, we have received a warm welcome in a potentially hostile place, and we will try not to kill everyone with our new-fangled European viruses.
This morning Mel and I went for a run round the harbor to Broadway and back, and it was a little like being in a zombie movie - very very quiet indeed. Odd. Maybe we have killed everyone with flu?
Our shipment arrived from England and we are slowly filling in the furniture, so our apartment is feeling pretty homey in time for winter... well, in time to come home for CHristmas really.