Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snow Business like Show Business

So that was January. We escaped the snow storm in the UK just after New Year (both a good thing, as I got to come back to work, and a bad thing as we missed all the excitement) and it all followed us over here. Nothing like as dramatic as the snow in England, but fun all the same. We couldn't come up with anything sledge-like to take to the park, so we have wasted a great chance - not quite Mel's feeling on the subject, but there you are. So what else has happened in January? We had a great open house last weekend, to which came Manus, Paula and Megan, Wendy, James, Rich and Patty, David, Susanne and Isabella, Danny and Josie, Danielle and Annie, Matt and Jess, Ellis and Ginger, Jill and Hamp and Albert. If half of them had as much fun as we did, then it was a great success. We rounded off with a great rendition of Tom Kane's hat game, which we confidently predict to go viral and take over America.
What else is new? Mel is swimming lots at the MAC and has started her docent training at the Walters Art museum. We are enjoying getting stuck into the Gallery church. Megan (Manus's daughter) started crawling. Allegedly. I have actually yet to see it, so I suspect he is just trying to save face. On Thursday we are heading down to Nashville for the weekend - so that should be exciting! We'll report back on that in a while. Over and out.

Friday, 29 January 2010

January is almost done

Brrrrrrrr. It is VERY cold in BAltimore this morning, so cold that the water on the harbo(U)r is partially frozen. You can just about see it in the pic. It has been a mild January though, so I guess it is due. Possibility of minor snow this weekend!
Before I get ahead of myself, first up can I say how great it was to see everyone over Christmas. We had a great trip home, and saw a lot of a lot of people, so that was great. I had a fun and productive fortnight's work in Cardiff (one paper of results submitted yesterday) and that made it feel less like taking advantage to have a good long relax over Christmas. We had a white Christmas (woop), I made Thomas a snowman (for non English natives - 'I made a snowman for Thomas' - the alternative would be too cold), and we escaped in JAnuary just before the heaviest snow since the ice age. In other cold-related news, this weekend is the polar bear plunge in the Chesapeake, which I might get sponsored for next year. Amazing.
So what's going on in 2010? Mel's parents are visiting in March at Cherry Blossom time, Mark Potter and gf Charlotte are coming in July and I think my folks are coming in the autumn. Hopefully we'll get a car too. But maybe not that one.
These pics were taken on my freezing walk to a bus this morning. Brrrrrr.